Black Marsh Hist Tree Concept Art

A Hist tree.

"This is where the trees are from, not Umbriel"
―Fhena, about the Realm of the Hist[src]

The Realm of the Hist is a mysterious realm of Oblivion. It is said to be a world filled with watchful, receptive trees, which the Hists of Mundus (along with those found within the realm of Clavicus Vile) are related to in some way. The realm is inhabited by creatures known as Wisperills.[1]

In the Fourth Era, a large piece of Clavicus Vile's realm was separated by Umbra. This piece of Oblivion contained Umbriel, a city which contained its own set of Hist trees and its own humanoids created by the second Ingenium.[2] The city soon began an invasion of Tamriel. After the invasion a group of heroes, one of them being Mere-Glim, banished the island back to Oblivion by destroying the Ingenium and killing Umbra. Afterwards, Mere-Glim steered the city back to where the Hist came from.[1]



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