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The Reaver Lord is an enemy in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. They share similar stats with their cousin, the Bandit Chief. They are the strongest amongst the Reavers, at level 31. They typically wear mid-level Heavy Armor, this includes: Nordic Carved Armor, Steel Plate, Bonemold, and sometimes Chitin. Their weapons are generally random and level dependent, with the exception of Stormfang, which is found on a Reaver Lord in Brodir Grove. They also use the spells Flames and Sparks, which makes them a tough opponent for players with low magic resistance. They are generally in areas where fellow Reavers are abundant, so make sure you come prepared to face multiple enemies (bring a Follower or Summon).



  • Reaver Lords can be extremely tough opponents for low level players if encountered early in the game, even with a Follower. On top of that, the Dragonborn will still have to kill the other Reavers, which provide an equal challenge at a low level.
  • The Reaver Lord at Brodir Grove carries additional gold as well as the weapon Stormfang.
  • Reaver Lords, Bandit Chiefs, and Pirate Captains are practically the same enemies. While Bandit Chiefs have slightly different traits and races, Pirate Captains are literally the same as Reaver Lords, with the exception of a different ID and name.


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