Rebellion at Frostmoth is the second quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Captain Falx Carius in his chambers, in Fort Frostmoth
  • Acquire one bottle of any liquor (Sujamma, Flin, Mazte, Greef, Shein or Cyrodiilic Brandy).
  • Speak to a guard about the "dry fort" topic and give him the bottle of alcohol.
  • Return to Carius and inquire about unrest among the guards.
  • Speak to Antonius Nuncius.
  • Visit Nuncius's office and search his locked desk.
  • Confront Nuncius.
  • Either report the info to Carius or say he had nothing to do with it.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A Dry Fort[edit | edit source]

In Fort Frostmoth, the Nerevarine must find Captain Falx Carius. He can be found in his chambers above the Captain Quarters. Carius will reveal that Fort Frostmoth has been having problems, the soldiers have low morale and little devotion without apparent reason. He can't do anything without a direct approach. He then requests that the Nerevarine find what is the cause of the trouble.

Investigation[edit | edit source]

If the Nerevarine talks with any of the soldiers, they say that they could make use of a "good drink." The Hero must find a drink for the soldier. Any of the following can be used, sujamma, flin, mazte, greef, shein or Cyrodiilic brandy.

There are several ways to acquire a bottle of alcohol. It is possible to go back to Vvardenfell and buy a drink in Gnisis. There are bottles in the Fort, in several rooms behind locked doors, and on shelves in the room next to Captain Carius. 

The suspicious priest[edit | edit source]

Antonius Nuncius

After giving a drink to a soldier, the latter will explain that the captain banned alcohol in the Fort and that only the Imperial Cult priest, Antonius Nuncius, understands the soldiers' needs. 

However, if Nerevarine reports this to Captain Carius, Carius will say that the idea of forbidding alcohol has come from Nuncius.

The Nerevarine must talk to the priest, who is located in the Imperial Cult tower. Antonius will admit that Carius did not ban alcohol, claiming the shipments simply stopped arriving. He will deny any accusations made and will ask to be left alone.

If this is reported to the Captain, he will explain that nothing can be done without proof.

The homesick priest[edit | edit source]

Above the Armory, Antonius' room can be found, his desk will be locked (level 50). Inside a large quantity of beverages can be found. With this proof, the Hero must return to Antonius. The latter will confess everything. Antonius explains that he hoped the soldiers would get agitated without any alcohol, and maybe start a mutiny. Due to the issuing chaos, Antonius would have requested to back home.

The Nerevarine can respond in two ways: either report the whole story to Captain Carius, or protect Antonius and lie to the captain.

If the truth is spoken, the captain will appear disappointed with Antonius, saying Antonius just needed to ask for a leave. As punishment, the captain decides that Antonius will not go back to Vvardenfell so soon.

If the Nerevarine lies to Captain Carius, the captain will be happy with the end of the disturbance, even if the cause was not discovered.

If Antonius is killed, the Captain will simply ask to stop the investigation.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Rebellion at Frostmoth – BM_Morale
ID Journal Entry
10 Captain Carius has told me a little about the situation here at Fort Frostmoth. Most of the soldiers are stationed here because they were unfit to serve in the more important forts. They are a normally restless bunch, and Carius believes that they are recently even more edgy than usual.
  • Quest accepted
20 Captain Carius would like me to investigate the unease he's feeling coming from the soldiers stationed here at Fort Frostmoth. He believes that there must be someone who is spreading ill will among his men. I should speak with the soldiers here and see what I might learn from them.
30 The troops at Fort Frostmoth seemed at first to be unwilling to speak with me, perhaps upset at the recent ban on alcohol consumption at the fort. However, giving the soldier some alcohol has raised his spirits somewhat.
40 A soldier has agreed to speak with me in exchange for some liquor I had with me. Apparently, Captain Carius has forbidden all alcohol consumption, and the soldiers are restless. They believe he has done it as a punishment for poor performance. I should report my findings to Carius.
50 Carius tells me that although he and Antonius Nuncius discussed the effects of alcohol on the men, he never actually banned liquor consumption. The shipments, however, have stopped arriving. Captain Carius would like me to speak with the soldiers some more and find out where these rumors are being started.
55 The soldiers seem willing to take the alcohol in my posession in exchange for information about what has become a dry fort. It seems that a bit of the drink makes them much more disposed to chatting.
60 One of the soldiers has told me that it was Antonius Nuncius who told him that the alcohol ban was a punishment from Captain Carius. Of course, I'll need more proof of that before I can possibly report this information to Carius. I should be able to find Nuncius either in the Imperial Cult Shrine, or in his office, located above the Armory.
70 Antonius Nuncius denies spreading rumors about Captain Carius or starting any trouble at all in the Fort. He claims to be a simple priest dedicated to serving his fellow man. He acts guilty, though, so perhaps it bears further investigation.
80 I've found a large stash of alcohol in Antonius Nuncius' desk.
90 Antonius Nuncius has admitted that he has been poisoning the minds of the soldiers here in Fort Frostmoth. His hope was that if the situation here got bad enough, he would be recalled to Vvardenfell.
93 I have agreed to keep Antonius Nuncius' secret. In exchange, he has given me the key to his closet, which contains a great many bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin, and Mazte.
95 I told Antonius Nuncius that I would be unable to keep his actions a secret from Captain Carius.
100 Captain Carius has thanked me for finding the source of the low morale among his troops. In gratitude, he has given me some useful Cure Disease potions, as there are diseases on this island not common in Vvardenfell, and a silver sparkblade. Carius will also request that Nuncius' assignment at the Fort be extended indefinitely.
  • Quest complete
110 Although I did not reveal the source of the low morale of the Fort's troops, Captain Carius has noticed a change in their attitude, and has thanked me for my assistance. He gave me some Cure Disease potions, as he says there are diseases on this island that have never before been encountered.
  • Quest complete
200 Antonius Nuncius is dead, and Captain Carius has told me to stop searching for the source of the low morale.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Once Antonius Nuncius' large stock of alcohol has been acquired, and only before completing this quest, it is possible to go around the whole fort and offer bottles of liquor to every guard, which will raise their disposition toward the Nerevarine to 90, by choosing the topic "Booze". This is particularly useful in Zeno Faustus' case, who will need a high disposition to complete the next quest. The topic will disappear from conversations once Captain Carius is spoken to and the quest completed.

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