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Recharging is the process of adding more charges to depleted enchanted weapons. In Oblivion, it can be done in three ways:

  1. Paying for the recharge at one of the Mages Guilds located throughout Tamriel at a cost of 1 Gold per recharge point (see Rechargers section).
  2. Using Soul Gems. To recharge a weapon using a charged Soul Gem, simply double-click on the gem to be used in the process. This destroys the Soul Gem and transfers the energy to the weapon. Note: Azura's Star is a soul gem that you can use to recharge items or enchant items and can never be destroyed.
  3. Using Varla Stones. These may be found in some dungeons and are usually on a stand, often protected by a metal cover (which requires pressing a button nearby to raise). These glowing crystals will fully recharge all magic items in your inventory. Take care when using them as they are very rare, or only use them when you have a large capacity item that you do not have the necessary Soul Gems to recharge it.

However, in Skyrim, recharging is much simpler. When you have a soul gem containing a soul in your inventory, simply go to your Items menu, select Weapons, then scroll to the weapon you wish to recharge. Each console is a little different:

  1. Xbox: Click the Right Bumper once you've selected the item to recharge, then select which soul gem to use.
  2. PS3: Click the Lower Right Trigger (R2) then select which soul gem to use.
  3. PC: Highlight the item to recharge, press the "Wait" key ("T" by default) then select which soul gem to use.

Many players who frequently need to recharge their enchanted weapons obtain the Black Star, which can be indefinitely filled and emptied without being destroyed. For information on obtaining and using the Black Star, see The Black Star.

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