Reclaiming Vos is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.


The powerful Telvanni mage, Mistress Dratha, teeters on the brink of death. Now her replacement, Master Savarak, rules Vos with an iron fist. The situation seems dire.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Savarak.
  2. Talk to Llayne.
  3. Find Evidence of Corruption (0/3).
  4. Talk to Llayne.
  5. Meet with Nerandas.
  6. Investigate the Base of Tel Mora Tower.
  7. Talk to Llayne.
  8. Go to Menwendel's Nursery.
  9. Talk to Gray-Skies.
  10. Follow Clues to Track Menwendel's Captors.
  11. Search for Menwendel.
  12. Find Nerandas.
  13. Defeat Nerandas.
  14. Find a Clue to the Toxin's Location.
  15. Collect a sample of the Toxin.
  16. Bring the Toxin Sample to Tel Mora.
  17. Talk to Menwendel.
  18. Find Llayne.
  19. Defeat Savarak.
  20. Talk to Llayne.


After talking to Gray-Skies enter the village Vos. You'll find Savarak Fels in the Gathering House in the middle of the village. Talk to him and then find Llayne Sadri at Tel Mora Tower. Tel Mora is the island directly east of Vos. Llayne is on the second floor in Mistress Dratha's Chambers.

Mistres Dratha, the former leader of Vos has fallen ill and Llayne sends you to find any evidence for Servarak's corruption. Go back to Vos and enter Savarak's Manse. Sneak into the cellar and you will find the first evidence on the right after crossing the large room. The second one is on a desk further down the corridor and the last one is in the last room of the cellar. Bring the evidence to Llayne in the Tel Mora Tower.

Then search for Nerandas. He is on the second boat on the way back to Vos. After talking to him go around the Tel Mora Tower and find the Malignant Growth. Return to Llayne and tell her what you found. She sends you to Menwendel's Nursery. It is located right next to the tower. Enter the nursery and go into the cellar where you find Gray-Skies. He tells you that Menwendel was taken away.

Follow the clues. The first is a pile of Menwendel's notes south-west from Tel Mora. The second is a broken bottle south and the last a torn cloth right in front of the entrance to Pinsun. To find Menwendel you have to enter Pinsun and go left. Talk to her and then go looking for Nerandas. He is located at the pool in the back of the cave. Defeat him and find the clue to the toxin's location in the same room. Follow the way through the cave and take a sample from the toxin.

Return to Tel Mora and give the sample to Menwendel. She is in Mistress Dratha's Chambers. Talk to Llayne outside the tower and search for Savarak on the island east of Tel Mora. Defeat him and return to Tel Mora Tower to talk to Llayne.


  • Dratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden
  • 73–302 GoldIcon
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