"Greetings, citizen! I seem to have suffered a temporary setback. I could use a bit of help."
―Recruit Gorak[src]

Recruit Gorak is an Orsimer residing in Aldcroft, Glenumbra. He is first met outside town, captured by the Bloodthorn Cult.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Pride of the Lion Guard[edit | edit source]

Help Recruit Gorak to find the Generals dispatch and return to town.

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Pride of the Lion Guard

"Greetings, citizen! I seem to have suffered a temporary setback. I could use a bit of help."

What happened to you? "These Bloodthorn cretins ambushed me! And while I was on a mission of incredible importance! There were dozens of them! But I didn't go down without a fight. What will the Lion Guard do without me?"

You were on an important mission? "The Orc that stands ... er ... sits ... before you represents the future of the Lion Guard! I am Recruit Gorak, pride of New Orsinium! Please untie me. We have work to do. We must recover the General's dispatch and return to Captain Vistra."
We? All right, hold still.
Questioning Gorak during recovery mission:

"Let's show these Bloodthorn cultists what for!"

I have some questions. "As anything, friend!"

Are there a lot of Orcs in the Lion Guard? "Not many. It wasn't so long ago that the alliance was forged between Orsinium and Wayrest. Orcs have spent more years fighting the Lion Guard than joining them. I intend to prove the worth of my people."
Why were you out here? "To prove myself! A messenger dispatched in these swamps several days ago with a dispatch from General Gautier. No one had the wits or the will to venture out here except me. Oh, and you, it would seem."
You seem different from other Orcs I've met. "Really? I'm a paragon of my people and a perfect example of the essence of true Orc. In short, I'm exactly what the Lion Guard needs!"
You seem pretty intent on making it in the Lion Guard. "I grew up reading about the Lion Guard. My mother collected books about the Guard when I was a child. Books such as "The Lion's Roar," "Guardian of my Heart," and "For the Love of a Lion." I read them all. I knew that this is what I wanted to do."

After finding the dispatch:

"Let's get this dispatch back to Aldcroft."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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