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Recruit a Mouth is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak with Master Aryon.
  2. Ask around House Telvanni about a Mouth.
  3. Head to Balmora.
  4. Return to Aryon.


Having served Master Aryon faithfully as his Mouth, the Nerevarine will be informed, by Aryon, that they may be named a Master in the House. However, in order to do this, the Nerevarine must recruit a Mouth of their own. Aryon suggests that a good prospect may be found in Balmora. Asking around the rest of the House will reveal that a man named Edd Theman is whom Aryon was referring to, otherwise known as Fast Eddie.

Edd "Fast Eddie" ThemanEdit

Fast Eddie can be found in his home in Balmora (above Itan's house) and will require some persuasion to agree to become the Nerevarine's Mouth. Giving him a Silver Staff of Peace (as Master Aryon gave the Nerevarine when they were named as his Mouth after convincing Baladas Demnevanni to join the Council) will convince Fast Eddie, meaning that the Nerevarine may return to Aryon to be named as a Master in the House. Aryon will also reward the Nerevarine with his glove, Helper, which has an enchantment which can summon three atronachs.


Recruit a Mouth – HT_RecruitEddie
IDJournal Entry
10In order to become a Master in House Telvanni, I must find and recruit a Mouth to represent me in the Council.
  • Quest accepted
30I was told that "Fast Eddie" might agree to be my Mouth. Fast Eddie lives in Balmora.
50Fast Eddie agreed to be my Mouth.
100Now that I have a Mouth to represent me, Master Aryon promoted me to Master in House Telvanni.
  • Quest complete


  • Any Silver Staff of Peace will do if the Nerevarine has lost the one given to them by Master Aryon.
    • The staff Peacemaker will not count as a Silver Staff of Peace (despite being identical in appearance and function).
  • The Nerevarine may speak to Caius Cosades about Fast Eddie if they have cleared the Sixth House Base at Ilunibi.
    • Naturally, if Cosades has departed for Cyrodiil, then the Nerevarine can't speak to him about Fast Eddie.
    • He will tell the Nerevarine that Fast Eddie was a former Wizard in Telvanni but left to join the Mages Guild.

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