"In 1E 1033, the Empress Hestra demanded the head of the most infamous of the brigadiers, "Red" Bramman."
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Red Bramman[1] was an Argonian[2] pirate who operated in the Imperial province of Black Marsh during the First Era.[1] His raids along the coast of Topal Bay eventually attracted the attention of Empress Hestra, who ordered the Imperial Navy to hunt him down.[1]

Unable to capture him through battle in Topal Bay, the Imperial Navy followed Bramman down a river whose entrance had been disguised by thickets of mangroves near Soulrest. The navy followed him deep into the heart of Black Marsh, cornering him and his bandits near what would become Blackrose. Upon his capture, the Imperial Navy executed Bramman and brought his head to Empress Hestra.[1]

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  • Despite being established as an Argonian, Bramman's original description in the Pocket Guide implied that he was human, as it was described that "the contact they [Argonians] had with men from the outside was from the like of Bramman and other brigands".

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