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  • Found at Sundered Towers, the same place as Red Eagle's Fury. It is on the table with a bloodied goat, located between two braziers, on the opposite side from the throne.


Red Eagle's Rite

Having bathed the blade in human blood, present it at Rebel's Cairn together with your sacrifice and intone:

Lord Red Eagle, ancient one, first and foremost among Reachmen, heed the call of your people! Still we fight for freedom! Still our blades are dark with blood! Turn your gaze upon us, and grant us your blessing anew!

I renew the ancient covenant: When at last our lands are free, we shall return, your sword of victory in hand. Then arise, O great one, from your honored tomb! Reclaim thy stolen throne! Rule over us, High Lord of the Reach, forevermore!


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