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Red Mountain Flower is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of alchemy.


  • Red Mountain Flowers can be found along paths in mountainous areas throughout Skyrim.
  • Between Riften and Helgen, these flowers are found easily without leaving the road, although not as prevalent as the Blue Mountain Flowers along the path.
  • On the Goldenglow Estate, there is a field with plenty of all the types of Mountain Flowers.
  • In the unmarked location Shoreline Lover's Tent in the Pale, there are several red mountain flowers.
  • Some can be found in Left Hand Mine.
  • Several can be found in Yngvild, near the boss chest.
  • Two Red Mountain Flowers can also be found at the end of Bleak Falls Barrow, past the Word Wall. In a shrine next to a troll skull, there are two Red Mountain Flowers, two Blue Mountain Flowers and two Purple Mountain Flowers.
  • At least three specimens are found in the Ancestor Glade. One can be found in the southern corner, one in the northern corner near a hot spring, and a third on the path up to the exit.DG
  • Alchemists may sell Red Mountain Flowers.
  • An adopted child may give one as a gift.HF
  • Between Whiterun and Honningbrew Meadery there are many (around 20) right along the road.


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