Red Rook Camp is a camp that appears in the region of Glenumbra outside Daggerfall. The bandits have set up camp and are holding hostages. Outside one of the tents one will find a Red Rook's Journal, written by an exciting new member of the group.


Farlivere's GambitEdit

The Red Rooks attacked a caravan and escaped to a noble's house on the outskirts of Daggerfall, where they've taken hostages. Captain Farlivere of the Daggerfall Guard has ordered her soldiers to surround the estate. A Daggerfall Guard said the captain might need some help. The hostages need a clear path to escape the wolves and the Red Rook Bandits. The Vestige must distract the bandits so they can go free out of the house.

Lady Eloise's LockboxEdit

The Red Rook leader, Tharkul, stole lady Noellaume's jewelry box. She is grateful that her family is safe but she would love to have her lockbox returned to her once she is safely away from the bandits.

Notable itemsEdit



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