The Red Wave is a ship in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is an unmarked ship docked in Solitude's harbor outside the East Empire Company Warehouse. It is the location for the last of the Dark Brotherhood side contracts given by Nazir

It has named guards, who do not attack on sight. They initially warn the Dragonborn, telling them they're "not supposed to be in here," although they don't actually do anything. 


The Dainty SloadEdit

Completing Small Jobs for Delvin Mallory enough times will cause him to reveal the location of Sabine's Footlocker, in which the beverage Balmora Blue may be found. The key to the Footlocker may be obtained from Sabine Nytte.

Contract: Kill SafiaEdit

The last contract obtained from Nazir. It is best to deal with the Thieves Guild quest above before handling this one.

Hired MuscleEdit

Eris, Dorian, and Xander are possible targets in this quest.

Notable itemsEdit


  • Since entering the ship is considered trespassing, many characters inside, including some followers, cannot be engaged in conversation and will simply tell the Dragonborn to leave. This complicates the Dainty Sload and Hired Muscle quests, as they require the Dragonborn to talk to people who spend much of their time inside the ship.
  • The crewmen of the Red Wave do have unique dialogue, although it can't normally be heard without drawing them out of the ship first (either though console commands, or by provoking them into combat via committing a crime in their presence and then running out).
  • There is an enchanted cutlass in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion named Redwave.


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