Redas Robe of Deeds is a unique enchanted robe that Faral Retheran describes as a "Redas family treasure" when requesting that it be retrieved on behalf of House Redoran during Redas Tomb.


Enchantment ID: redasRobe_en

Both effects are constant on self:


Redas Robe of Deeds can be found in the Redas Ancestral Tomb, which is located in the Azura's Coast region directly south of Molag Mar. If the Nerevarine walks in a straight line after entering the tomb, it is found through the second door, resting on the edge of an ashpit between two shrines.

If given to Faral Retheran to complete the related quest, she is willing to return the robe if the Nerevarine becomes Archmaster of House Redoran.


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