Redas Tomb is a House Redoran quest given by Faral Retheran to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Faral Retheran in the Treasury in Vivec City, Vivec, Redoran Canton for duties.
  2. Go to the Redas Ancestral Tomb to collect the Redas Chalice, Redas War Axe, and Redas Robe of Deeds.
  3. Report back to Faral Retheran.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Faral Retheran in the Redoran Treasury in Vivec City, Redoran Canton will ask the Nerevarine to recover several items from the Redas Ancestral Tomb including the Redas Chalice, War Axe, and Robe of Deeds.

The tomb is just south of Molag Mar. It will be necessary to go around the mountains or levitate over them to reach the tomb. The three items to be retrieved are in two places. The robe and chalice are close to the entrance, while the axe is in the last room and requires the Nerevarine to swim through a pool. Make sure to bring an enchanted or refined weapon, as the tomb is occupied by several leveled Daedra.

Return to Retheran in Vivec and give her the three items to complete the quest.

Journal entriesEdit

Redas Tomb – HR_RedasTomb
IDJournal Entry
10Faral Retheran asked me to bring her the Redas War Axe, the Redas Chalice, and the Redas Robe of Deeds from the Redas Tomb. It is south of Molag Mar, over the mountains. I should head west along the mountains until I can cross to the south, then head back east until I see the tomb, which is near an ashlander camp.
  • Quest accepted
100I brought the Redas treasures to Faral Retheran.
  • Quest complete
110Faral Retheran returned the treasures to me.
  • Quest complete


  • Although the Nerevarine is asked to retrieve the Redas Chalice, it is marked as Redas Goblet.
  • Even if the items are given to Retheran, they can be taken back after becoming Archmaster.

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