Redfur Trading Post is a small town located in the northwestern part of the Grahtwood in Valenwood. Built by the main road leaving Grahtwood to the north as well as to the west, the settlement is a trading hub and features a considerable number of shops to be found on the central market square. The town's administrator is the Khajiit Shan-ra which is reflective of the important percentage of the local population which is of Khajiit origin. Redfur Trading Post is independent regarding law enforcement, maintaining their own guards lead by Jode's Chariot.


Economy and societyEdit

Trade is the most important factor in Redfur Trading Post's economy. The biggest part of the town is occupied by market stalls and inns. The most influential person in town is thus head of the merchant's group Shan-ra. He is also the one to collect the fees traders need to pay in order to be allowed to set up a shop.[1]

Redfur Trading Post has developed its own strategy of maintaining the social balance between the rich and the poor. The comparatively mild treatment of thieves by the town guards allowed a group of thieves by the name of Hollow Moon to establish itself in the settlement. Members of this group are known not to steal for their own profit only, but to share their loot with the poor. Thus, their presence within the city insures a continues flow of money and goods and prevents the wealth gap between citizens to reach an indefensible level, and for this reason is to some extent tolerated by the town guards.[1]


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Inside Tomb of Anahbi:



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