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"Your visit here will be tolerated as long as you abide by our laws, otherwise you'll answer to the Redoran Guard."
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Redoran Guards are elite Dunmer soldiers that can usually be found patrolling the Redoran town of Raven Rock. They are considered to be some of the best warriors that House Redoran has to offer.

The captain of the guard is Modyn Veleth, who spent several years honing their skills and making them "not just your average city guard." In gameplay, however, they do nothing different from the Hold Guards in Skyrim.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Guards are equipped with a full set of Bonemold armor and carry an Elven sword, bow, and arrows. Oddly, they don't wear Bonemold guard armor, despite the name. Statistically, this is better equipment than that of the normal guards in Skyrim.

Quests[edit | edit source]

March of the Dead[edit | edit source]

Captain Veleth will be fending off some ash spawn. One of his guards will lie deceased having fallen to them.

Served Cold[edit | edit source]

Two Redoran Guards are said to be met at Ashfallow Citadel, but will turn out to be dead.

Locate the Raven Rock Stash[edit | edit source]

The Dragonborn must find a case of Emberbrand Wine that some of the guards have become addicted to.

Guard dialogue[edit | edit source]

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  • "If you intend to wander Solstheim, you do so at your own risk."
  • "Just remember who's in charge around here."
  • "The entire island isn't covered in ash, you know. They have huge ice fields up north, and it's freezing up there."
  • "This may be the frontier, but we've still got rules. Break them and you'll wind up in the prisons."
  • "This is House Redoran territory. You'd do well to remember that."
  • "If you're looking for the East Empire Company, they've been gone for over a hundred years. Try Windhelm."
  • "If you witness suspsious activity, report it to Captain Veleth immediately."
  • "If it wasn't for the Bulwark, we'd be digging our houses out from beneath the ash by now."
  • "There's nothing beyond the Bulwark except wild Nords and ash wastes."
  • "You can go where you please, but I'd stay inside the Bulwark if I were you."
  • "You think you have it bad? Try walking the Bulwark at night."
  • "Misery? I'll give you misery. Try getting assigned to scrape netch scum off the front of the Bulwark."
  • "If you're looking for passage to Vvardenfell, you're out of luck. No ships are heading that way anymore."
  • "If you need a ride back to the mainland, Gjalund's the only way off this rock."
  • "Last time I rode Gjalund's ship, I was heaving my guts for a week. Dunmer weren't meant to ride on water."
  • "Squatting isn't tolerated in the abondoned buildings. If you need a place to stay, head to the cornerclub."
  • "Counciler Morvayn is the only reason Raven Rock has survived all these years. You should pay your respects."
  • "I can't believe I've been stuck here this long."
  • "What... never seen a Redoran Guard before?"
  • "Serve House Redoran, or serve no one."
  • "Splendid. Another mouth to feed."
  • "Move along, outlander."
  • "Stand aside, outlander."
  • "What are you gawking at, outlander?"
  • "Obey our laws, or suffer the consequences."
  • "We've got our eyes on you."
  • "Make way."
  • "Keep moving."
  • "(cough) Damn ash."
  • "Citizen."
Race specific


  • "Watch yourself, lizard."
  • "We've got our eyes on you, scale-skin."


  • "Why you'd leave your homeland behind to venture here is beyond me, but suit yourself, Nord."


  • "What do you want, cat?"
  • "Watch yourself, cat."
  • "Head over to the Retching Netch if the ash has your throat parched."
  • "Milore over at the Ienth Farm should be still mixing potions if you're seeking that sort of thing. Far west end of town."
  • "If you're looking for suppiles, talk to Fethis. He'll set you up with whatever you need."
  • "Glover Mallory is a wonder with the hammer and anvil. He mended my armor like an old pro."
  • "If you've got any gripes, check in at Morvayn Manor, Second Counciler Arano will sort you out."
  • "They serve the best sujamma I've ever tasted over at the Retching Netch. Worth every coin."
  • "If you find yourself in the ash wastes, keep your eyes to the ground. Ash Spawn like to spring up from nowhere."
  • "Careful with those flames, unless you plan on torching something." (when fire magic or enchantments are readied near them)
Quest result
  • After completing The Final Descent.
    • "Plenty of work in the mines, if you're looking."
    • "I can't believe Raven Rock Mine is open again. Finally, something worth defending."
  • If you were witnessed by Citizen; "You've committed crimes against the Dunmer people of Solstheim. What say you in your defense?"
  • If you were witnessed by Guard; "In House Redoran's name, I order you to stop!"
  • If you chose to pay; "Good enough. I'll just remove any stolen goods on you, and then you're free to go."
  • If you chose to go to jail; "Right then! Off to the Bulwark with you."
  • If you're still on bounty and bribed or come back to a city where you have a fairly low bounty; "One look familiar."
  • If a guard that recognizes you is spoken to; "Stop right there... where have I seen you before?"
  • If you comment that he is mistaken; "The only mistake here belongs to you. You're a wanted man/woman and there's no way I'm letting you walk away."
  • If you persuaded him; "You're lucky the bounty on you is so low, otherwise I'd be hauling you to the bulwark myself. Get out of my sight."
  • If you paid off the guard; "Well, I suppose I could forget I saw you this time."
  • Shouting near guard:
    • "That's certainly one way to get attention."
    • "How'd you do that?"
    • "Mephala hide me."
    • "The Voice? Here?"
    • "What was that?"
Provides location
  • "Not much contact with others around here. Got the Skaal Village to the north, but the Nords there keep to themselves."
  • "Headed east? May want to give Tel Mithryn a wide berth. I don't like the looks of that place one bit."
During combat
  • "You dare fight a Dunmer?"
  • "You're dead!"
  • "Agh! Flithy n'wah!"
  • "Molag Bal curse you!"
  • "You're going to pay for this."
  • "Aggghh!"
  • "Not impressed!"
  • "Yearrgh!"
  • "Rrarggh!"
  • "Sheogorath's beard, you're an ugly one."
  • "Nerevar guide me!"
  • "Nnyyyaarrgghh!"
  • "Come on. Let's see what you've got."
  • "This what you want?"
  • "Azura curse you!"
  • "Boethiah inspire me!"
  • "I'll see you burn!"
  • "Come on! Come on!"
  • "Hhyyaarargghhhhh!"
  • "You're bleeding!"
  • "Rargh!"
  • "Gah!"
  • "Malacath take you!"
  • "I'm going to put you down."
  • "Yyyaaaarrgghh!"
  • "I'll send your soul as a gift to Boethiah."
  • "I'll... gut you!"
  • "I'll scatter your ashes to the wind!"
  • "I'll cut you in two, fetcher!"
  • "For House Redoran. For honor!"
  • "Ha! I think you're bleeding!"
  • "Filthy fetcher!"
  • "Just... die!"
  • "Son of a...."
  • "This is what you want? Huh?"
  • "Die, N'wah!"
  • "That's it? Ha!"

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