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Redoran Guards are the appointed guards of House Redoran. Their responsibility is to patrol and protect the cities of House Redoran. As defined in the Treaty of the Armistice, it is them, rather than the Imperial Legion, that secures the city of Ald'ruhn.


They wear a variation of the Bonemold Armor:




Drinar Varyon's Dwemer ArtifactsEdit

"I'm an officer of the Imperial law. Move along."

Drinar Varyon "He likes his pots. That's all I can say. His place is on the west side of town, across from the Ald Skar Inn. The one with the cart out front."
Skar "Skar is the shell of the Emperor crab, outlander. The homes and shops of the Manor District inside are 'under Skar'."


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