If the Nerevarine has joined House Redoran and progressed to the rank of kinsmen, they are informed by councilors and quest-givers that they can construct their very own Stronghold. The quest will begin once the Nerevarine has spoken with Galsa Gindu in Ald'ruhn.


Galsa Gindu told me that in order to build my stronghold, I must pay 5000 gold and get a construction contract from Duke Dren in Ebonheart.


  • Speak with Galsa Gindu.
  • Begin Phase I.
  • Begin Phase II.
    • Speak to Gindu after the 1st phase has been completed.
    • Talk to Percius Mercius in Ald'ruhn about guards.
    • Return to Gindu to begin construction of Phase II.
  • Begin Phase III
    • Speak to Gindu again after a few days have passed.
    • Speak to Hetman Guls.
    • Return to Gindu to begin the construction of Phase III.
  • Return to the completed Stronghold at Bal Isra.


To begin the quest, the Nerevarine must have first reached the rank of Kinsman in the Great House of Redoran. At this point the quest givers and council members of Redoran will tell the Nerevarine that to progress further in the House they must build their own Stronghold. They suggest speaking to Galsa Gindu in Ald'ruhn to get the ball rolling on the Nerevarine's Stronghold.

Phase IEdit

Speaking to Gindu reveals the basic requirements for the project. The Nerevarine must hand her a Construction Contract from Duke Vedam Dren (in Ebonheart) and 5,000 gold to start the construction of the Stronghold at Bal Isra. Duke Dren will require the Nerevarine to swear that they will aid the people of Vvardenfell at any cost before handing over the Construction Contract. Having acquired these items, the Nerevarine must hand them to Gindu so that building can begin.

After a few days have passed Gindu will request that the Nerevarine travel to Bal Isra to check on the progress of the Stronghold. The forman at the site, Bugdul gro-Kharbush, will tell the Nerevarine that the project is on target for completion within the next week. Having informed Gindu of this information, the first phase of the Nerevarine's Stronghold should be completed a few days later.

Phase IIEdit

The next phase of the build requires that the Nerevarine find some guards to protect the Stronghold. Gindu suggests speaking to the local Fighters Guild leader, Percius Mercius, to find some guards. Mercius agrees, on principle, to give the Nerevarine some guards, although the Nerevarine must first rescue his friend Frelene Acques. Acques has been captured by House Hlaalu and is currently being held in the prison in the Treasury in the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec City. Once the Nerevarine has rescued Acques, a grateful Mercius will agree to send the guards.

Having solved the issue of guarding the Stronghold, the Nerevarine may return to Gindu to begin the construction of the second phase of the Stronghold. This should be completed a few days later.

Phase IIIEdit

Phase III can only begin once the Nerevarine has reached the rank of House Father in Redoran. Gindu suggests that you speak to Hetman Guls at the site to find out what the people of Bal Isra require next. Guls states that the men around the Stronghold site are worried that they will not be able to find wives, so it is up to the Nerevarine to solve this issue.

Women for Bal IsraEdit

The Nerevarine has a number of different ways available to them to solve this pressing issue. One method is to speak with Fathusa Girethi and Aryni Orethi (at the Ald Skar Inn and outside her Ald'ruhn home respectively) whom will agree to join the Stronghold's population if their disposition is above 90.

A second method is to buy two slaves from Savile Imayn in Tel Aruhn (1,000 gold each), although an alternative to this is open to the Nerevarine if they have freed 21 slaves (and become entwined with Twin Lamps). In this case the Nerevarine may speak to Galyn Arvel whom will agree to send two former slaves from Ald Velothi.

A final method of attracting women to the site is to head to Suran. Specifically the Nerevarine should head to Helviane Desele's "establishment" in the town, where she inform the Nerevarine (if her disposition is above 70) that a couple of her dancers are ready to retire. Having followed one of the above methods the Nerevarine may return to Gindu.

Completing the StrongholdEdit

Having arranged for the women to arrive at the site with Hetman Guls (whom will be most pleased with the Nerevarine's work), Gindu will order the final construction phase of the Stronghold to begin. A few days later the final phase of construction will be complete and the Stronghold at Bal Isra will be finished.


Redoran Stronghold (Phase I)
IDJournal Entry
10Galsa Gindu told me that in order to build my stronghold, I must pay 5000 gold and get a construction contract from Duke Dren in Ebonheart.
  • Quest accepted
50I gave Galsa Gindu 5000 gold and the construction contract. She told me that construction on my stronghold would begin soon.
55I should speak with Galsa Gindu about my stronghold.
60Galsa Gindu asked me to check on the construction of my stronghold. She wants me to speak with Bugdul gro-Kharbush, the foreman in charge. My stronghold is on the east side of the road from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan.
70Bugdul gro-Kharbush assured me that the first phase of my stronghold would be complete within one week's time.
90Galsa Gindu thanked me for keeping her informed about my stronghold.
 100 The first stage of my stronghold should be complete.
  • Phase I Complete
Redoran Stronghold (Phase II)
110Galsa Gindu told me that I must find a way to garrison my stronghold. She suggested I try asking at the Fighters Guild here in town.
130Percius Mercius agreed to help garrison my stronghold if I rescued Frelene Acques from the prison in the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec.
140Frelene Acques told me that she could escape on her own if I could find the key to her cell.
141Frelene Acques agree we could make a run for it. If we get out of the Hlaalu prison, she can make her own way from there.
144I helped Frelene Acques escape from the Hlaalu prison.
145I gave Frelene Acques the key to her cell.
150Percius Mercius told me that he would find men to garrison my stronghold.
170Galsa Gindu gave the orders to begin constructing the second phase of my stronghold.
200The second phase of my stronghold should be complete.
  • Phase II Complete
Redoran Stronghold (Phase III)
210Galsa Gindu told me that in order to build a stronghold fit for a House Redoran Councilor, I must speak with Viras Guls, the hetman of my village, and find out what I must do to attract more settlers.
220Viras Guls told me that some of the men here are worried that they will not be able to get wives. He wants me to buy slaves and bring them to my stronghold or find women who would be willing to move to my stronghold.
231I convinced Aryni Orethi to move to my stronghold.
232I convinced Fathusa Girethi to move to my stronghold.
240I bought slaves from Savile Imayn to be wives at my stronghold. They should arrive soon.
242Helviane Desele agreed to send two of her older girls to my stronghold where they will look for a husband.
245The Arvel family agreed to send any suitable slaves to my stronghold instead of back to the mainland. This should satisfy Hetman Guls.
250Hetman Guls said he was satisfied that the men around my stronghold would be able to find wives. I should speak with Galsa Gindu again about construction.
270Galsa Gindu gave the orders to begin constructing the final stages of my stronghold.
300My stronghold is complete.
  • Quest complete


  • The Stronghold is centered around Indarys Manor.
    • Indarys Manor effectively becomes the property of the Nerevarine.
    • Indarys Manor can be accessed after the first phase is completed.
    • Other buildings will be built around the Manor as other phases are completed.
  • If the Nerevarine has killed Dagoth Ur before speaking to Duke Dren, he will give the Contract to the Nerevarine as a sign of his gratitude.
  • It is possible to have four women attend the Stronghold.
    • The final three methods suggested above result in the same two women (Heniele Milielle and Assimusa Samsi) arriving at the Manor.
    • These two can be combined with the two women mentioned in the first method mentioned.
  • This quest has counterparts for both of the other Great Houses: Hlaalu Stronghold and Telvanni Stronghold.

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