"If you're buying, go on in. Otherwise, shove off."
―Redwater Lookout[src]

Redwater Lookout are characters guarding the entrance to Redwater Den. Upon exiting the den after filling the chalice, she will assault the Dragonborn as a Vampire's Thrall.


Name Level Gender Race Class BaseID
Redwater Lookout 1–25 Male Nord Bandit xx014070
Redwater Lookout 1–25 Female Bosmer or Redguard Bandit Archer xx014071


Male LookoutEdit

  • "Hey there, friend. If you're looking for a fix, you're at the right place. Just head on down the trap door."
  • "I got nothing on me. If you're looking for Skooma, head on downstairs."
  • "If you're buying, go on in. Otherwise, shove off."

Female LookoutEdit

  • "You here for the Skooma? Head around inside, there's a trap door that'll lead you in."
  • "Look, I'm just here to keep watch. What you're looking for is down inside."
  • "If you're here for business, go ahead. Otherwise, get lost."


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  •  PC   PS3   It is possible they will already be named "Vampire's Thrall" when first met.