Not to be confused with Reeking Tower.

Reeking Cave is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Reeking Cave is located underneath the Thalmor Embassy, to which it is connected by a trapdoor. The cave is the lair of a frost troll and the last resting place of a mage with a skill book.

To find it from the outside, fast travel to the Thalmor Embassy. The Dragonborn will arrive in front of the gates facing north. Turn west and head to the rocks nearby. Carefully descend down those rocks, then continue downhill to a road (turn right after going down the rocks). Follow the road north until the path veers left and it should be seen on the right. Look for a narrowing with a rock on the left and a large tree on the right. There will be another tree on the right about ten feet further downhill. Between the rock and tree is a dark arch, which is the cave entrance.


Notable itemsEdit


  • The Stone of Barenziah will appear even if the Dragonborn has not completed the quest "Diplomatic Immunity." If the Dragonborn took the stone in the Thalmor Embassy, then it will not appear here.
  •  360   The troll and other objects in the cave do not respawn.
  • Despite entering through a trapdoor, when one looks up, they can see that the drop into the cave is actually quite a long way down.


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