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Reesa is an Argonian member of the Ebonheart Pact found in the Starved Plain, Stonefalls.


Through the AftermathEdit

The spirits of an ancient battlefield have been risen, and are now bound to the plane of existence.

Giving for the Greater GoodEdit

The Vestige finds a Kwama Cap Mushroom for Reesa, so she may give herself to restore the Starved Plain.


Through the Aftermath

"Please, talk with me. What the Rii brothers plan is wrong."

What do you want to talk about, Reesa? "Enslaving the dead is evil. Furon does not understand this. As for Giron, I think he does not care. There is a better way."
You have a different plan, then? "Just so. Take this talisman. Use it and learn how to free a spirit. They will cling to this world, so first, you must weaken them. When you have done this, speak to me again."
I'll try your talisman.

Returning to her after using her talisman:

"I can feel it. The talisman has been used."

Yes, the spirit seemed grateful to be released. "It was. Spirits are not meant to be trapped. Furon wants to enslave them through magic, but that's torture to the dead. Freeing these spirits is the right path."
I'll consider your words, Reesa.

"Choose your waters wisely. We'll all join these men in death one day."


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