Reezal-Jul is an Argonian necromancer member of House Montclair. Influential formerly to King Ranser and then to Montclair, he is an influential player and manipulator of the nobles of Rivenspire.


Shornhelm DividedEdit

The Vestige discovers that Reezal-Jul is plotting to use the caverns underneath Shornhelm to transport an army of Bloodfiends and Vampires into the city, overwhelming the defenders. The Vestige and Count Verandis manage to destroy the portal, but Reezal-Jul escapes.

Dream-Walk Into DarknessEdit

Through reliving Verandis' memories, the Vestige learns that Reezal-Jul served as court mage and adviser to Baron Montclair. When Montclair's wife Leila fell mortally ill and refused Verandis' offer to make her a Vampire, Reezal-Jul offered an alternative: he had in his possession a fragment of an Aylied relic known as the Lightless Relic, and claimed it could heal Leila. Desperate, Montclair agreed, for a while it seemed as if the relic indeed worked, but as time passed Leila's health began to falter once again. In desperation, Montclair, Verandis, Leila, Lleraya and Reezal-Jul ventured to the Doomcrag, where the remains of the Lightless Remnant lay. He was turned into a Vampire by the relic alongside Montclair and Lleraya.

The Blood-Splattered ShieldEdit

After fleeing Shornhelm, Reezal-Jul attacks the village of Crestshade, slaughtering most of its population and using their bodies to craft a powerful Flesh Atronarch. A small group of survivors manage to escape thanks to the efforts of Captain Janeve, but Reezal-Jul launches a massive attack on the refugee camp and captures Janeve, turning her into a Vampire. The Vestige and Countess Tamrith track down Reezal-Jul in Shadowfate Cavern and finally slay him. His journal reveals that he had known the truth of the Lightless Remnant from the start, and manipulated Montclair into awakening its power as part of his plan to take revenge on the Daggerfall Covenant for King Ranser's death.

A Traitor's TaleEdit

In a flashback, Reezal-Jul is mentioned by General Dathieu as one of King Ranser's mages who seem to have influenced King Ranser to go mad and hold out of Traitor's Tor against the orcs.


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