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The Reflect spell property is of the Mysticism school of magic. It comes in two types: Reflect Damage and Reflect Spell.

Reflect DamageEdit


Reflect Damage works by reflecting a percentage of afflicted damage back at your opponent, thus reducing the actual damage you receive. It reflects only physical damage, so magicka-based damage still fully damages you. For example, if you have a Reflect Damage with a spell magnitude of 95%, then 95% of damage inflicted upon you would be returned onto your opponent. The other 5% would actually damage you.

At higher levels, it's possible to collect high leveled apparel and armor that grants a 100% Reflect Damage effect. This renders one completely invulnerable to physical attacks, but will not change the damage caused by spells, traps or falling.

There are no normal means to obtain spells that grant the ability to reflect damage. However, it is possible to learn one through the Shivering Isles quest. Upon making the new gatekeeper, select the "Heart of Wound Sharing" body part and later on, you can obtain the spell and maximize it by making a more powerful version through an Altar of Spellmaking.


Items that bear the Reflect Damage enchantment are:

Reflect SpellEdit

Main article: Reflect Spell

Reflect Spell works by reflecting a cast spell back to the caster. The value of reflect spell ranges anywhere from 0–100, with the value representing the percent chance to reflect the spell back. Thus, having "Reflect Spell 100% for 10 secs" renders the player invulnerable to all enemy-based magic for 10 seconds.


  • If you have a Reflect Damage on a shield, you do not have to block for the spell to reflect damage.
  • If the Hero of Kvatch provokes an Imperial guard or citizen but does not kill the intended target himself due to the reflect damage spell, it is still classified as murder. 

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