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As I've told you repeatedly, It's not difficult to summon Clavicus Vile, but I'll advise you again that doing so is a very bad idea. What happened with Azati was a rare thing, and who knows where it will go in another ten years? No one's ever accused a Daedric Prince of failing to play the long game.

The only reason Vile makes a deal with any mortal is to ensure they regret it. I don't know how Azati got the better of him, but you better believe it won't happen the same way twice. If you do nothing else, keep Azati's name out of it—and while we're on the subject, keep my name out of it too.

Still, your gold's no different from any other, and you do seem intent on this lunacy, so here are your instructions. Head to the overgrown shrine I marked on your map on the 1st of Morning Star and throw five hundred gold in the old empty well. If Clavicus Vile is in the mood to deal, he'll come for you soon enough.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Five hundred gold down a well? That's all you need to summon a Daedric Prince? If you were expecting to draw a bunch of sigils and offer a virgin sacrifice, my foolish friend, you're looking for the wrong Daedric Prince! Vile values gold and souls.

Reconsider. Be happy with what you have instead of obsessing over what you want. If you go through with this, and I fear you will, don't come to me when it all goes wrong.

Just remember I warned you.


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