"Despite my position in the Scaled Court, I've grown wary of the Serpent. I realize now that we don't have the same goals. I want to make the world better. The Serpent just wants to destroy it and start over. Will you help me stop the Scaled Court?"
―Regent Cassipia

Regent Cassipia, also known as the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems, is an Imperial, a former member of the Mages Guild and the leader of the Scaled Court. She is first found with her lover, Little Leaf, at the Dragonstar Wayshrine.

Despite her advantageous position within the cult, she has grown tired of The Serpent's schemes and has decided to betray him in order to further her own goals.

She laters becomes the Exalted Viper in order to usurp the Serpent but is defeated shortly thereafter by the Vestige.


Holding CourtEdit

Slithering BroodEdit

Dawn of the Exalted ViperEdit

Titus Valerius sent word that I should meet him near the observatory in Belkarth. The messenger had few details, but the situation sounds urgent.


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