Map of all regions in Daggerfall.

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Regions are the areas in High Rock and Hammerfell containing numerous cities and other locations. The following table contains cursory information regarding each of the 45 regions in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.[1]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Region Province Patron deity
Abibon-Gora Hammerfell Dibella
Alcaire High Rock Kynareth
Alik'r Hammerfell Stendarr
Anticlere High Rock Mara
Antiphyllos Hammerfell Mara
Ayasofya Hammerfell Arkay
Bergama Hammerfell Akatosh
Betony High Rock Mara
Bhoriane High Rock Stendarr
Bjoulsae River High Rock Zenithar
Cybiades Hammerfell Julianos
Daenia High Rock Dibella
Daggerfall High Rock Kynareth
Dak'fron Hammerfell Stendarr
Dragontail Mountains Hammerfell Zenithar
Dwynnen High Rock Dibella
Ephesus Hammerfell Mara
Gavaudon High Rock Dibella
Glenpoint High Rock Zenithar
Glenumbra Moors High Rock Mara
Ilessan Hills High Rock Zenithar
Isle of Balfiera High Rock Akatosh
Kairou Hammerfell Zenithar
Kambria High Rock Zenithar
Koegria High Rock Julianos
Kozanset Hammerfell Kynareth
Lainlyn Hammerfell Dibella
Menevia High Rock Julianos
Mournoth Hammerfell Stendarr
Myrkwasa Hammerfell Kynareth
Northmoor High Rock Mara
Orsinium High Rock Arkay
Phrygias High Rock Stendarr
Pothago Hammerfell Julianos
Santaki Hammerfell Stendarr
Satakalaam Hammerfell Dibella
Sentinel Hammerfell Arkay
Shalgora High Rock Zenithar
Tigonus Hammerfell Julianos
Totambu Hammerfell Zenithar
Tulune High Rock Dibella
Urvaius High Rock Stendarr
Wayrest High Rock Akatosh
Wrothgarian Mountains High Rock Kynareth
Ykalon High Rock Mara

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