A map showing all the regions of Vvardenfell.

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There are a total of nine regions within the province of Vvardenfell. These vary greatly, and thus each region is unique; these include highlands, a volcanic mountain, deserts, lowlands, and coasts.

Name Type Description
Ascadian Isles Lowlands The Ascadian Isles are the lush, fertile, green lowlands on the south-southwestern corner of Vvardenfell. Settlements include Vivec City, Ebonheart, Suran and Pelagiad. The large Daedric ruins of Ald Sotha lie to the east of Vivec. Most of Vvardenfell's farms and plantations are in this region. These typically include Netch herding and agriculture. Marshmerrow is an important crop in this region. Slavery is common in this area, especially on the plantations and manor houses.
Ashlands Desert The Ashlands are the dry and inhospitable areas surrounding Red Mountain to the north and west. Various Dunmer tribes inhabit the region, and the House Redoran seat of Ald'ruhn is near the western edge. The Ashlands are inhospitable to most life, but some creatures have managed to adapt to the harsh terrain and climate. These include mainly Guars, Nix-Hounds, Cliff Racers, and Alit. Some plants, like the Trama Root and Ash Yam, manage to flourish in this desolate area. Nomads known as Ashlanders also call this region home. Hazardous ashstorms are frequent due to Red Mountain's volcanic activity. Blight is common in this region.
Azura's Coast Coast Azura's Coast is the long, rugged and mostly uninhabited coastline and islands of Vvardenfell's east and southeast. It is a wet and rocky area devoid of trees, only low-lying and hardy vegetation is able to exist here. The location is named after Azura, a Daedric Prince.
Bitter Coast Coast The Bitter Coast is the humid and largely uninhabited southwestern coast of Vvardenfell so-named because of the area's salt marshes and swamps. It is also known as the Smuggler's Coast, due to the rampant smuggling that goes on in this area.
Grazelands Grasslands The Grazelands are a vast of plains covering the majority of the northeastern coast of the island of Vvardenfell, named for the Ashlander herds that graze there. It is largely uninhabited, save for the settlement in Vos village and the wizard tower of Tel Vos. The Ahemmusa and Zainab Ashlander tribes also have settlements in the region.
Molag Amur Desert The region located between the Ashlands and Azura's Coast is Molag Amur. It is a desolate expanse of lava flows, ravines, and fields of ash. Travel is difficult, and ashstorms frequently strike the area. Parts of the region are considered impassable, even by the Ashlanders. The stronghold of Molag Mar, Erabenimsun Camp, and the pilgrimage sites at Mount Assarnibibi and Mount Kand are the only inhabited sites. Molag Amur consists almost entirely of a confusing maze of foyadas. The dangers of Molag Amur are considerable; it is one of the areas most likely to be stricken by ash storms, and is a prime habitat of such creatures as cliff racers, shalks, and other hardy creatures such as alit. Due to this, and its winding labyrinthine passages, travellers can easily get lost or come under attack.
Red Mountain Mountain Red Mountain is a dominant figure among the Dunmer, it reaches far beyond its surroundings and can be seen from all over the province. It is considered to be the most dangerous region on the continent. In this wasteland of deep ravines, and lava pools, Ash Creatures roam the land.
Sheogorad Islands The Sheogorad region is an archipelago of about three dozen islands on the north of Vvardenfell island in Morrowind province. It is largely uninhabited, with the exception of the small villages of Dagon Fel and Ald Redaynia. The population is mostly composed of Nords, who claim to have settled here even before the Chimer claimed Morrowind. Numerous ruins dot the landscape, many of them Daedric and Dwemer. A Dunmer Stronghold also exists here.
West Gash Highlands The West Gash is the area of western highlands stretching from the Sea of Ghosts to the city of Balmora. The Hlaalu district seat of Balmora is here, as is the Imperial town of Caldera, the mining village of Gnisis, and the fishing villages of Ald Velothi and Khuul. Vegetation in the region is sparse, but hardy. Common plants are kreshweed, roobrush, and chokeweed.

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