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"Well, what have we here? Another hopeful whose blessing hasn't fully taken root?"
―Relmyna Verenim[src]

Relmyna Verenim is a Dunmer sorcerer who lives in Passwall, a hamlet in The Fringe, outside the gates to the Shivering Isles. She is the creator of the Gatekeeper who guards the gates and has their keys.


She can sometimes be found in one of the rooms in The Wastrel's Purse. It is suggested that she had a relationship with Sheogorath, who helped her create the Gatekeeper. She considers the Gatekeeper her child, visiting him every night at midnight. She talks to him and cries (the Gatekeeper does not attack her). Her tears, which remain on the ground, are poisonous to the gatekeeper.


She seems to be sadistic, as well as having a very high opinion of herself. She is overly critical of her assistant, Nanette Don, constantly belittling her absentmindedness. She shows very little emotion about her "test subjects," and her home is littered with her failed experiments. In the beginning of the quest "Rebuilding the Gatekeeper" she is in Sanctum of Vivisection, torturing people with fire, darts, and trapdoors. It is also heavily implied that she had a rather close relationship with Sheogorath at some point prior to the Champion's arrival.


Through the Fringe of Madness[]

The Hero must find a way to defeat the Gatekeeper and fully enter Sheogorath's realm.

Rebuilding the Gatekeeper[]

Relmyna orders the Hero to bring her four ingredients to rebuild the Gatekeeper from the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. Once they have been obtained, she performs the incantations to build the new Gatekeeper.


Show: Through the Fringe of Madness
Inside The Wastrel's Purse:

"Well, what have we here? Another hopeful whose blessing hasn't fully taken root? No, I don't think so. You're an adventurer? How disgusting. Why don't you go back the way you came?"

Gatekeeper "The Gatekeeper is my child, the consummation of Sheogorath's wisdom in the womb of my genius. It was a painful and bloody birth, but well worth it. His brothers were less... successful. He won't bother those blessed by Lord Sheogorath. You, however, will die trying to get the keys from my child."
I'm blessed by Sheogorath. "You? Hah! No, You have a "conventional" type of soul. But, I don't make that decision. The Shivering Isles belong to Lord Sheogorath. Were up to me, I'd cut you open and show you just how uninspired your blood is. No. You won't be getting in."
Then I must kill the Gatekeeper. "Try him if you like. Believe me, after you die, I can put your flesh and bones to very good use."
I will find a way. "I'm bored with you. Why don't you talk to Nanette? She likes talking. I'll need to cure her of that habit soon enough. There's one sure way to stop a tongue from flapping: cut it out. Shall I demonstrate?"
Gates of Madness "One leads to Mania, one to Dementia. Two shades of madness. You're not getting in because you're not blessed by Sheogorath. You can try to get the keys. My Lord had them sewn into my child's body. I wonder if you are a fast bleeder, or a slow bleeder."
Passwall "Quaint, isn't it? Passwall sits in the Fringe of the Shivering Isles. It's where the supplicants wait while the Blessing of Sheogorath takes hold."
Gardens of Flesh and Bone "It is where the body of my child was grown, and the resting place of his less fortunate siblings. You have no business going there."

"Has that mouth of yours stopped flapping? Good."
(After talking to the Gatekeeper)
"I'm too upset to talk right now."
(After the Gatekeeper is killed)
"You've killed my child! How dare you! Get out of my sight!"

Show: Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
Inside Xaselm:

"You dare disturb me in my Sanctum?!?"
"You! I remember you. You're the adventurer who slew my Gatekeeper, are you not?"

No. You are mistaken. "Am I, really? I think not. Be that as it may, on what authority do you disturb my work?"
It wasn't just me. I had help! (If Jayred Ice-Veins aided in the attack) "Now you make excuses? Pathetic. On what authority have you weaseled into my sanctum and disturbed my work, hmm? Well, then. I trust my servants didn't give you too hard a time getting here. Haha! What is it Sheogorath's lackey requires of me?"
Yes, I slew him. I needed to get in. "The ends justify the means, do they? You'll pay for that, one day. Now, by all means, come right in, walk in here as if you own the place.... By what authority do you disturb me?"
By authority of your Lord Sheogorath! "I see. Sheogorath is too important to come on his own account? He sends his mortal lackey?"
By my authority as Duke (Or "Duchess")! "Ah. That confirms it. You're the new Duke (Or "Duchess"). The stink of hubris surrounds you! My Lord allows you to lick his boot straps, does he? Well, then. I trust my servants didn't give you too hard a time getting here. Haha! Perhaps the Duke (Or "Duchess") would like to explain his (or "her") business?"
My lord demands a new Gatekeeper! "Oh? Does he now?"
A new Gatekeeper is required, milday. "Ah, your tone is more in line with my station. Please, continue."
Lord Sheogorath commands it! "Fine. If it be my Lord's will, then it is also my own. But, I am too distraught over the death of my child to return to his womb. This, you must do."
Will you lend us your powerful magic? "Yes, powerful magic indeed. It is proper you bid me kindly, lest I show you the meaning of pain and suffering. Alas, I am still distraught over the destruction of my sweet child. I cannot return to his womb. You must do this."
"You will travel to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. There, you will gather mystical components needed for the ceremony. Go fetch me Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and Essence of Breath. And take this key. It will allow you into the Gardens and give you direct access to my Sanctum."
Components "You will travel to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone and collect for me these things: Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essence of Breath."
How do I collect these things? "Are you not the exalted Duke (Or "Duchess")? Slayer of the great Gatekeeper? Champion of our mighty Lord Sheogorath? I'm sure you'll be able to find these things, if not, perhaps Sheogorath's faith in you is misplaced. Go now. You try my patience."
Components "Bring me Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essence of Breath."
Gardens of Flesh and Bone "For many years, I laborated painstakingly in those Gardens, until my back bent and my soul became crooked. But the fruits born of that labor were the essential components of true Flesh. You will go there and gather the components needed to bring my new child into this world."
Victims (After finding the test subjects) "Oh, you mean my research subjects? Don't trouble yourself with their fates. They are volunteers, of one sort or another. Besides, they are furthering important research into the nature of pain and suffering, of life and death. Don't be concerned. I always return the worthy ones to life. Besides, Lord Sheogorath has sanctioned my studies and my methods. Any loyal servant of the Madgod would respect His decision in this matter."
I see your point. Continue. "I'm glad you are reasonable and open-minded. Perhaps Sheogorath's faith in you isn't misplaced, after all. Now, let's not speak of this again."
Set them free, stop torturing them! "I know your type. You believe yourself better than everyone else. You persecute genius when you find it, because we are able to see around the sharp corners of your simplified "morality." I see the vast horizons of thought, while you cannot see past the tip of your own nose. I can grant the guilty the cleansing fire of retribution, so they may die purified of soul. And, I can grant the worthy everlasting life! And what can you offer the world, except the hot air escaping through that hole in your head?"
You're right. Pardon my narrow mind. "Yes. I realize that some people can't see beyond the burns when they stick their hand in the fire. But a wise man can learn from his pains. I'm glad to see your ego is not larger than your vision. Now, let us talk no more of this."
I command you to stop! "Out of the deference to my Lord Sheogorath, I will allow this outburst. In fact, I will acquiesce to your request. But only if you can prove to me the sincerity of your position, and the depth of your conviction. Are you willing to trade places with these souls, to bear the full weight of their pain and afflictions? Weigh this question carefully."
No, I guess not. Never mind. "Then you are a coward, as well as a bigot, and we will speak no more of this."
Yes, I will suffer in their stead. "Are you sure? You will not easily heal the damage done to you. This is a permanent sacrifice you are making. In fact, it is likely you will die. Perhaps you had better reconsider."
Perhaps you are right, never mind. "I thought so. You are a coward, as well as a bigot, and we will speak no more of this."
I'm determined to make the sacrifice. "Truly? Very well. I wasn't quite finished with them, but as long as you remain in Sheogorath's favor, I will not conduct experiments on THESE people."
No, wait! "Ah ah ah... There is no turning back, now."
I'm ready. "Very well. This might hurt a little."

"Away with you dog, and fetch me those components."

If approached again:

"Sheogorath's Duke (Or "Duchess") or not, you try my patience! Are you confused about your task?"

Exalted Pain (Only available if chosen to take the place of the tortured prisoners) "Did you like that? Pain can be pleasure. You enjoy being in pain, do you? Here, I'm sure you'll enjoy these then."

Upon returning with all components:

"You have returned with all the components? Excellent. All that remains is to choose the body parts."

Body Parts "Fearing one day someone might manage to kill my child, I have been preparing a new body. I've created versions of each appendage, with various enchantments. You must choose one of each. I am attached to them all. Artist's prerogative."
Body Parts "Select one pair of legs, one left arm, right arm, torso, head, and heart. See me when you have finished your selections."

"Don't take all day making your choices."

If approached again:

"Is it that difficult? Fetch one of each. Hurry up!"

After selecting the body parts:

"You've made your selection. Now, we travel to the statue of our Lord, in the Fringe. There we will perform the ceremony. Make haste!"

If approached again:

"I shall meet you in the Fringe, near the bust of Sheogorath. Now go! Make haste."

At the Cistern of Substantiation:

"Shall we start the ceremony?"

Ok, let's get started. "First, place the Gatekeeper's Body into the Cistern of Substantiation."
Wait, I'm not quite ready yet. "Very well. But do be quick about it!"

After creating the new Gatekeeper:

"Watch my child destroy the interlopers, or run to Sheogorath. Either way, tell Him of our doings here. Send Him my tribute... and my affections."

If approached again:

"Hello! It's always a pleasure to speak with you."
"Run along back to Lord Sheogorath."

The Gatekeeper[]

When Relmyna approached the Gatekeeper, she will speak to it, using a combination of the following lines:

"Well, my child, how are you this evening?", or, "My dearest, how are you feeling tonight, child?", or, "I'm so glad to see you, my dear child. How are you?"

"I see you have been playing rough with the other boys. They are weak and you are strong!", or, "Look at all the bones around you! You have been a busy little boy, haven't you?", or, "I'm so proud of you, my child. You crush our Lord's enemies into dust."

"Just looking at you reminds me of... Him. Why has He forsaken us?", or, "You are strong like Him. I made you for Him. But still He refuses me. Why?", or, "Seeing you warms my cold heart. Why has He forsaken us?"

"No, it's too much. I don't know why I keep coming to visit you!", or, "I'm sorry child, it's just too much for me. I must leave now!", or, "Why does it still hurt, after all these years? Why?"

"No. You mustn't come near me when I'm crying... you remember what happened last time you touched my tears!", or, "No, not now! Don't you remember what happened last time you touched my tears? Keep away!", or, "Stay away. My tears, they burn you! Don't you remember? Stay back, child!"

The new Gatekeeper[]

"First, place the Gatekeeper's Body into the Cistern of Substantiation. At the beginning of the worlds were five. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. Darkness turned into day, the void took form. Hidden away, by virtue of its own self-awareness, was the sixth, containing within it the five which birthed it. Flesh! Meat with the desire to consume like Fire.... Place the Dermis Membrane into the cistern. Blood, liquid nutrient, that ocean which casts pearls of life upon the shores of existence.... Place the Blood Liqueur into the Cistern of Substantiation. Bone, branch, and stone of the body, giving shape and structure.... Place the Osseous Marrow into the cistern. Breath, child of air, bestowing movement, the stirring of spirit.... Place the Essence of Breath into the Cistern of Substantiation. And last, the light of Flesh, the illumination of Soul -- perception, thought, memory, imagination.... I summon thee, walker in Flesh! Flesh of true Flesh! From those waters of Oblivion which sire thy kind. Come to this altar. Join with this body. Quintessence of Flesh joined with the Essence of Flesh. Absolute in mortal. Immortal bound to contingent. Stand clear of the cistern. Over here by me. Honored Daedra, fear not thy abasement! Thou shalt be the Holy in this Temple! I bind thee Atronach to this body, henceforth Gatekeeper of the Shivering Isles. My child. It is time to fulfill your destiny. Stand guard in this land against all those who seek entry not bearing the mark of Sheogorath's favor. You shall know them by the coldness in their minds. A darkness of spirit. What's this? My child, they are coming. Destroy them! Show them your true power!"


  • "I'm not sure I can make this much clearer... Stop wagging that tongue at me, or I will rip it out!"
  • "Yes? Well, out with it!"