"I served as a Legion Marksman for twenty years. I retired here to Skingrad, work in the vineyards, and supplement my income as an advanced trainer."
―Reman Broder[src]

Reman Broder quote

Reman Broder is an Imperial and member of the Thieves Guild. He can be found outside the Grateful Pass Stables in Skingrad tending the fields.


Prior to his life as a vineyard worker, Reman served twenty years in the Imperial Legion. This is likely where he earn his skill and reputation as an archer.

After leaving the legion, he moved to Skingrad and now works for Surilie Brothers Vineyards.


Marksman TrainingEdit

After reaching skill level 70, Reman will be unable to teach any further skills in the bow. However, he will point to Alawen, a master archer who taught him some of what he knows.


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  •  360   PS3   Sometimes when speaking to him, he will reveal himself as member of the Thieves Guild and does not offer Marksman training even though he is carrying a Bow.


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