Reman Cyrodiil was the legendary founder of the Reman Empire, the second Cyrodilic and one of the biggest Empires to cover Tamriel. His dynasty lasted for two hundred years, and in that span it annexed all the kingdoms of Tamriel, save for Morrowind. He is known to have conquered Valenwood and the Summerset Isles during his lifetime.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

During the Alessian Slave Rebellion, the divine crusader Pelinal Whitestrake was said to have screamed out Reman Cyrodiil's name during a battle, millennia before the future leader's birth.[2] According to a mythical source, Reman was conceived by King Hrol and the spirit of Alessia. The mound on which Reman was conceived would soon turn into a large hill over the span of nine months, later dubbed Sancre Tor. The shepherd Sed-Yenna would climb the hill after hearing an infant's cries, allegedly finding him with the Amulet of Kings upon his forehead and naming him Reman, meaning "Light of Man."[3] She would place him on the throne uncontended and he would declare, with the voice of a grown man, "I AM CYRODIIL COME." It is said that he crushed a major Colovian revolt at age twelve, with all Colovian kings swearing fealty to him at age thirteen.[3]

Akaviri invasion[edit | edit source]

Reman rallied the Colovian armies and the Nibenay armies in order to face the Akaviri Invasion. He would wage war with the invaders in all the northern provinces, and is credited for erecting many old forts that still dot Skyrim's landscape.[4] Eventually, this war would culminate in the Battle of Pale Pass. Reman guessed that they would invade Cyrodiil through the Jerall Mountains and would station his armies throughout the Pale Pass. His guess would turn out to be correct, and his armies halted the Akaviri's main force while Vivec and his Dunmer armies swooped in from behind and cut off their supplies and reinforcements.[5] After a short skirmish, seeing no other option, the Akaviri suddenly surrendered en masse. They proclaimed Reman as the Dragonborn they so desperately sought.[6]

Emperorship[edit | edit source]

After their victory at Pale Pass, the Second Empire would be loosely formed, consisting of Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and High Rock. Reman gladly accepted the Akaviri's surrender and accepted them into his army, this made the army into a disciplined and effective fighting force. Reman is said to have wanted to unite Tamriel under his banner.[1] It is said that Reman appointed Kantus Jeril to be the first Count of Chorrol.[7] Reman now found himself dealing with Skyrim and High Rocks's problems. In 1E 2704 he split The Reach between the two provinces, splitting the mines in between them and taking away the Reachmen's ability to rally and plot against him. He would send small armies to pacify Skyrim and High Rock's wild populace and introduce them to a proper economy. Reman would once again start human conquest, founding a stronger Cyrodiil.[8]

The elves began to be wary of Reman's rapid expansion. Likewise, Reman would also be wary of the elves.[1] In 1E 2714 Reman took advantage of the Thrassian Plague and easily invaded Valenwood. He deposed the Camoran Dynasty and split Valenwood to various Treethanes so that they would never find a common enemy.[9] Reman would also invade and take the Summerset Isles.[1]

Reman would take the surname of "Cyrodiil" to try and inspire pride and connection to his people. Although his surname was Cyrodiil, the province was not actually named after him. Rather he took the ancient Ayleid name of the heartlands—"Cyrod"—as his surname.[10][2][11] Reman would establish the coronation rites that succeeding emperors would use, including the ritual geas of the Amulet of Kings.[12]

Death[edit | edit source]

Reman Cyrodiil died in the year 1E 2762 under unknown causes. He was known to have possessed the Amulet of Kings, and passed it onto his successors. Upon his death, he was entombed within Sancre Tor.[13] His supposed son, Kastav, would become the first official Emperor.[source?]

Worship[edit | edit source]

Reman Cyrodiil is known as Reman the Wordly God, worshiped by Imperials as a cultural god-hero of the Second Empire.[12] As late as the first century of the Third Era, Reman is known to have been worshipped, alongside Talos, as a "conqueror god."[14] By the late Third Era, very few citizens of the Empire revered Reman as a god.[source?]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Dawnguard, one of the souls in the Soul Cairn may mention having been tricked by someone and saying they were one of Reman's court wizards.

References[edit | edit source]

Emperor of the Second Empire
Position established 1E 27031E 2762 Kastav
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