Emperor Reman Cyrodiil II was the third ruler of Reman Empire, after Emperor Kastav Cyrodiil and before Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III.


According to his tomb in Sancre Tor, Reman was born in 1E 2794 and his reign began in 1E 2812.[1] Other sources say he was crowned circa 1E 2806 following Kastav's deposition,[2] and was widely praised for his role in ending the Winterhold Rebellion.[3]

Around the 2830s he ordered the Legions of the Empire to launch a full-scale offensive into Argonia, an event known as the Blackwater War.[3][4] The campaign proved to be very difficult with many casualties and losses. Only the northeastern parts of the province were captured resulting in Reman declaring an end to the offensive in 1E 2837.[3]

Not content with the annexation of Black Marsh, Reman invaded Morrowind in 1E 2840, engaging in a long series of battles that would come to be known as the Four Score War. He died fighting the Dunmer around 1E 2843[3] or 2851 at the age of 57.[1] He was succeeded by Brazollus Dor and his descendant Reman Cyrodiil III who would continue fighting the War until its conclusion in 1E 2920.


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Emperor of Cyrodiil
Kastav Cyrodiil 1E 2812–1E 2851 Brazollus Dor
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