Remar Vel was the administrator of the Penitus Oculatus during Titus Mede's reign.


Infernal CityEdit

Colin attended to a meeting in the second floor of the ministry with Intendant Marall, Remar Vel and the Emperor. Colin confessed the Emperor that he thought that Prince Attrebus was still alive. Administrator Vel pointed out that the prince's body had been recovered, which was proof enough that he was dead, but according to Colin, someone wanted them to think he was dead. The Emperor believed Colin, since the body they had recovered was conveniently charred in his right side, just where Attrebus had a birthmark, and according to him, it did not feel like Attrebus.[1]

During the meeting, Vel tried to convince the Emperor the Prince was dead. When the Emperor left the room, Vel shooted Colin an unpleasant look.



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