"A little light reading always relaxes me after a long day of study. I just need to decide what to read next. Should I dive into the latest Narsis Dren travelog? Or perhaps I'll cuddle up with the new Inspector Vale mystery? Choices, choices ...."
―Remelie Cine[src]

Remelie Cine is a Breton member of the Mages Guild. She is the magister of the branch in Anvil, Gold Coast.


  • "Study and meditation, that's what the true mage craves. And this is the perfect guildhall for such activities—provided you can ignore the temptations of Anvil's more illicit entertainments."
  • "We really need to get more organized. So many of our books have yet to be sorted and cataloged, and I hate to see perfectly good volumes stacked up like so much cord wood instead of being shelved for easy access. Perhaps I should hire an intern ...."


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