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A Repair Hammer is a tool used to repair damaged or broken armor and weapons. The effectiveness of a repair hammer is derived from the armorer skill.


Normally, weapons and armor can be repaired up to 100%, however, upon reaching an expert level armorer, they can be repaired up to 125%, increasing the weapon damage/armor rating.

Upon use, repair hammers will eventually break at random, unless the Hero is a master armorer. The higher their armorer skill is, the more likely the hammer will remain usable. Otherwise, it will break sooner and have less uses.

One can find repair hammers in boxes and crates located in many places. They can also be purchased from merchants.


  • A tip for using repair hammers instead of taking the broken armor to a blacksmith:
Go to the repair hammer menu, (pressing the repair hammer in menu) and press A  360   or X  PS3   on what one want to repair, then wait a bit until the "repair sound" ends and press A  360   or X  PS3   again. This will prevent the hammers from breaking as fast.
  • Repair hammers can be used as a primitive detect enemies effect, since the Hero is not permitted to repair armor if enemies are near.


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