Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

It can be obtained from Imsin the Dreamer in Buckmoth Legion Fort.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Speak to Imsin the Dreamer in Buckmoth Legion Fort about Orders.
  2. Travel to Ashurnibibi.
  3. Make your way through the ruin to find and free Joncis Dalomax.
  4. Return to Ismin to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthrough

Imsin the Dreamer in the Buckmoth Legion Fort will ask you to rescue a fellow knight, Joncis Dalomax, who is being held in the Daedric Shrine of Ashurnibibi, found northwest of Hla Oad, in the Bitter Coast region.

Upon arriving, enter the ruin. Find a way through to the shrine. There is a small passage that requires swimming underwater. When arriving at the shrine there will be two hostile Orcs. Behind the big statue in the middle of the room there is a locked and trapped door, but one of the Orcs, Durgash gro-Rushub, has an Ancient Daedric Key for it. Right behind the door is Dalomax.

Once finding Dalomax and his captors are dead, speak to him and he'll give his thanks and explain that he can make his way back out. Return to Imsin to receive her congratulations.


  • One must be wearing an Imperial Legion cuirass in order to talk to Dalomax if his or her Legion rank is below Knight Errant.
  • One must kill all four orcs here for Dalomax to leave; he will refuse to leave or talk to unless otherwise.

Jounral Entries

Order Description
1 Joncis Dalomax, a Knight Errant, has been captured. He is being held in Ashurnibibi, a Daedric Ruin on an island northwest of Hla Oad.
2 Joncis Dalomax thanked me for rescuing him. He will find his own way back to Hla Oad.

Imsin the Dreamer thanked me for rescuing Joncis Dalomax.


I told Imsin the Dreamer than Joncis Dalomax was already dead. (If you kill him or he dies during the fight with the orcs)