Rescue Prisoners is the third quest in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey's main questline.


After speaking with Almathea, she will tell the hero that the bandits who raided Azra's Crossing took with them the villagers, whom they plan on executing. She says their lair is near Ghast's Pass.

To find the hideout, the Hero must cross the bridge over the river, where they will meet Old Trinket. He will tell the Hero he saw rats heading west, and by following them they will find they head off the road to Delfran's Hideout.

Once inside, it is necessary to obtain the keys to the cells that the villagers are being held prisoners in. This can be done by speaking to the Chef, who is partially blind and assumes the Hero is a bandit. He gives the key to the cells and some food, asking them to feed the prisoners. The Hero can now release the prisoners.

After clearing the cells, the Hero can head to the infirmary, where they will release more prisoners. This will direct them to the training rooms, where another prisoner is held. Continuing on to the interrogation room, the Hero will find another prisoner as well as an Orc, Makor, who says he will repay them someday for freeing him.

Upon reaching the center of the hideout, the Hero will find the throne room to be locked behind two doors. They must first kill Lieutenant Jolias and Lieutenant Breser, who both wander nearby, and take their keys to open the respective doors. Going to the throne room, the Hero will find Delfran himself along with some of his guards. After killing them, the first Shadowkey is looted from his body, and the Hero meets two other prisoners, Birgitta and Skelos Undriel. After freeing all of them, the Hero may return to Priestess Almathea for their reward.

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