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Rescue Sondaale is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Hrundi at Wolverine Hall for orders.
  2. Go to Telasero and find Sondaale of Shimmerene.
  3. Rescue Sondaale of Shimmerene from the Sixth House cultists.
  4. Return to Hrundi to complete the quest and get the reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit


  • 500 GoldIcon


Rescue Sondaale
Hrundi asked me to escort another scholar, Sondaale of Shimmerene, through the stronghold of Telasero. She will meet me there. Telasero is between Suran and the Silt Strider port near Molag Mar.
  • Quest accepted
I found Sondaale of Shimmerene in Telasero. She asked me to guide her back to the entrance.
I agree to guide Sondaale of Shimmerene back to the entrance of Telasero.
Sondaale of Shimmerene has made it safely to the entrance of Telasero.
Sondaale has thanked me for escorting her out of the dungeon. She'll likely be more careful in the future.
Hrundi thanked me for helping Sondaale of Shimmerene.
  • Quest complete
Hrundi was furious that Sondaale of Shimmerene died while in my care. He says he has no more orders to give me.
  • Quest complete

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