Restless-Tail is an Argonian residing in Dhalmora. Occasionaly, he may be seen conversing with Teeth-Like-Stars.



Restless-Tail: "You plan to cook them or read them?"
Teeth-Like-Stars: "It's for the meal. Unless you wanted a reading?"
Restless-Tail: "Hrrk. No thanks. I'd prefer to ask tea leaves."

Teeth-Like-Stars: "Don't you think Fetches-Glitter acts strange?"
Restless-Tail: "Only when he's talking to you."
Teeth-Like-Stars: "Why does he always bring me little gifts?"
Restless-Tail: "That's how Dark Elves woo their mates. Remember?"
Teeth-Like-Stars: "But we're not Elves. It's not our way."
Restless-Tail: "We were all raised in slave camps. What's "our way"?"

Teeth-Like-Stars: "I heard you tossing and turning last night."
Restless-Tail: "It's nothing. Just dreams."
Teeth-Like-Stars: "About the plantation?"
Restless-Tail: "You never wake up feeling the lashes again?"


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