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The Restless Draugr is a stronger form of Draugr. Some employ the Frostbite spell in one hand, with a one-handed weapon, usually an Ancient Nord Sword, in the other. Draugr inhabit Nordic Tombs, typically feigning sleep. Coming in close proximity of them causes them to stir and engage in battle. Draugr are also known to summon familiars and use the Voice.

Habitats and appearance[]

Restless Draugr begin to replace Draugr as the most common enemy in Nordic Ruins at around level 15, with Draugr Scourge appearing as mini-bosses.

Battle behavior[]

Restless Draugr are the first subtype Draugr to begin using spells, higher level Draugr following suit.

Although their magicka reserve is 0, they are able to perform the Frostbite spell.

Draugr are known to feign death, by lying in coffins, behind false walls, or on shelves the way corpses in crypts typically do. Upon coming close to one, they stir and begin attacking. They may be attacked from afar via arrows, crossbow bolts, or ranged spells.

In battle, Restless Draugr are often accompanied by other types of Draugr, weaker or stronger. At higher levels, Dragon Priests may accompany them.



  • "Qiilan us dilon" – "Bow to (the) dead."

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