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"I need some more supplies, Can you help out with that?"
Sergius Turrianus[src]

Restocking Soul Gems is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a radiant quest which requires the Dragonborn to find a certain number of empty soul gems and bring them to Sergius Turrianus. This quest becomes available after completing "First Lessons."


Sergius has asked for my help in restocking soul gems.


  1. Collect the requested soul gems
  2. Give Sergius Turrianus the soul gems


Sergius Turrianus will ask the Dragonborn to find a random amount of empty soul gems of random type. He's always out of stock and needs several soul gems for his work.

Is there any College business I can assist with? "I need some more supplies, Can you help out with that?"
I can't get soul gems for you. I have other things to do. "Yes, well so do I. That's why I was hoping you could help."
What did you say you needed? "I'm running low on Petty (May also say: "Lesser", "Common", "Greater", or "Grand".) Soul Gems."
"If you can bring me three more, that would be helpful." Or
"I need at least five more, if you can find them" Or
"Bring me another seven of them" Or
"Ten more would keep me stocked for a bit"
I've got the gems you asked for. "So you do. Thank you, this will help quite a bit."

After completion of the quest, Sergius will pay money for any soul gems he receives. He'll pay 12 gold for a Petty Soul Gem, 30 gold for a Lesser Soul Gem, 60 gold for a Common Soul Gem, 120 gold for a Greater Soul Gem and 240 gold for a Grand Soul Gem.


Restocking Soul Gems – MGR11
ID Journal Entry
10 Sergius has asked for my help in restocking soul gems.
200 I've delivered the soul gems that Sergius requested.
  • Quest complete


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  •  360   PS3   Sergius Turrianus doesn't take any Common Soul Gems and pays nothing for them, but the quest will still finish.
  •  PC   360   The quest will not appear in the journal.
  •  PS3   Sergius Turrianus doesn't take any Soul Gems at all and the Dragonborn doesn't receive any quest or reward.