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"Look, I want to go back but I won't feel right in there without a tie to Talos. My brother Roggvir wore a symbol of Talos. He kept it hidden on his person. If I had that..."

Return to Grace is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must return an Amulet of Talos to Greta, worn by her executed brother Roggvir.


  1. Speak to Greta about going to the Temple of the Divines
  2. Retrieve the Amulet of Talos off of Roggvir
  3. Return the Amulet of Talos to Greta


Talking to Svari will reveal that Greta is upset about the death of Roggvir and has stopped attending the Temple of the Divines. If then spoken to about this, Greta will tell the Dragonborn that she wants to return to the temple, but is unwilling to do so without the Amulet of Talos that her brother wore. She tasks the Dragonborn with retrieving it from Roggvir's body that now resides in Solitude's catacombs. The amulet is in the stone coffin to the left of the entrance in the second alcove. Upon returning the amulet Greta will reward the Dragonborn with a leveled amount of gold.


Level Gold
1–9 250
10–19 400
20–29 500
30–39 600
40+ 750


Return to Grace – SolitudeFreeform03
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 10: Speak to Greta about going to the Temple of the Divines
  • Objective 20: Retrieve Amulet of Talos off of Roggvir
  • Objective 30: Return Amulet of Talos to Greta


  • If started early enough, there is a chance that the Dragonborn can retrieve the Amulet directly from Roggvir's corpse after his execution.
  • Greta will be annoyed if the Dragonborn already has Roggvir's Amulet, but will reply that it is a sign.


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  • If Roggvir's Amulet of Talos is taken before this quest, any Amulet of Talos picked up after that will be marked as a quest item and cannot be dropped, sold, or used in creation of a Shrine of Talos in a homestead.
    •  PC (Fix)   After talking to Svari to start the quest, type player.drop 000CC846 # (with # being the amount of Amulets of Talos currently present in the inventory) to drop Roggvir's amulet (this must be done before talking to Greta). Afterwards, talk to Greta who will redirect the player to the dropped amulet. Return the amulet to finish the quest. Although this may not give the reward, it will allow the player to keep the Amulet of Talos, which would no longer be marked as a quest item, along with any other Amulets of Talos picked up afterwards.
  • This quest may stay in the miscellaneous quest section even after completion.
  • This quest will not end and will stay in the quest menu if the amulet is taken at the execution.
  • Having more than one amulet before starting the quest may cause Greta's final dialogue to glitch, and she will not take an amulet.
    • Greta can be killed in order to be able to remove the amulet(s).
    • One can Pickpocket the bugged amulet(s) onto Greta. This will allow the item to be removed from the inventory without killing her.
  •  PC   PS3   PS4   NX   Sometimes, Greta may not take the amulet, and no gold will be awarded upon completion of the quest. However, the Amulet will no longer be marked as a quest item.