Not to be confused with Served Cold.

Revenge Served Cold is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest can be begun either by talking to Corrick Northwode at Harm's Folly or by finding the amulet he seeks. A goblin boss killed his wife Kayleen and stole the amulet Corrick gave to her.


If this quest was started by finding the amulet, go to Harm's Folly and speak with Corrick. He will remark on the seemingly divine intervention, and immediately give the reward, thus ending the quest.

If it was started by speaking with Corrick, he points the Hero towards Exhausted Mine, which lies a very short distance to the southwest. It has three levels, and a number of goblins, but no major obstacles. The boss will be a goblin Skirmisher, Berserker, or a Shaman. Kill him, take the amulet from his corpse, and return to Corrick for the reward, which consists of level-dependent gems.

After finishing this quest, paying respects at Kayleen Northwode's headstone will result in her spirit blessing the Hero from the afterlife, fortifying health and fatigue by 30 points for 600 seconds.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I've come upon a sad Breton named Corrick Northwode at Harm's Folly settlement. It seems a goblin war party attacked his home, killed his wife and retreated back to their lair, Exhausted Mine. Now he wants me to go there and recover his wife's Jade Amulet.

  • Update: After obtaining the amulet:

I've recovered Kayleen's Jade Amulet. I should return it to Corrick at Harm's Folly.

  • Update: After returning the amulet to Corrick:

Corrick Northwode was overjoyed to get back his wife's Jade Amulet. He thanked me by rewarding me with gold he had recovered from Exhausted Mine long ago.

  • Quest complete


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  • This quest has a serious bug that can affect an un-patched game, preventing the quest from being completed. If the quest "No Stone Unturned" has been completed and the research notes for Lithnilian have been collected, Corrick will not be able to recognize that the Hero has brought him the amulet, leaving an unfinished quest and a stuck quest item. Luckily, the amulet has no weight.
    • This bug has been fixed in the Knights of the Nine expansion for the Xbox 360 version and by patch for the PC version.
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