For the dog in Online, see Rexus (Online).

Rexus is the Imperial bodyguard of Amaund Motierre.


He can be found in Volunruud at first and later in the The Bannered Mare in Whiterun. According to Amaund Motierre, Rexus has been with the Motierre family since Amaund was a child.




  • As soon as Volunruud is entered, Rexus may become hostile and attack. This can be avoided by sneaking into the room and let Amaund Motierre approach, or using a Calm spell after he becomes hostile.
  • If the option to kill Amaund Motierre is chosen, sometimes Rexus will still be there.
  • During the Dark Brotherhood mission "The Silence Has Been Broken," after speaking to Amaund, Rexus may not give the Dragonborn the mission items. He will walk over to them and hand them the items but they will not appear in their inventory. Trying to pickpocket him may work if the Pickpocket skill is high enough but he will most likely become hostile if the Dragonborn attempts to pickpocket the amulet. The other solution is to attack Rexus until he is incapacitated (he can't be killed) and the moment he stands back up pickpocket him.
  • He may be found in Volunruud long after the quest is finished.


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