"What? Either I'm far too drunk, or I'm misunderstanding you. I have a brother? How can that be?"
―Reynald Jemane[src]

Reynald Jemane quote

Reynald Jemane is a Breton warrior who can be found at either The Grey Mare, his home in Chorrol, or Weatherleah. He has an identical twin brother named Guilbert Jemane.


Separated at BirthEdit

"Reynald Jemane has terrible memory. We've met many times, but when I saw him in Cheydinhal, he walked right past me like we were strangers."
―Citizens of Chorrol[src]

Reynald Jemane often spends his time at The Grey Mare in Chorrol. When spoken to there, he will lament over how many of the other citizens of Chorrol claim to have seen him in Cheydinhal—a place where Reynald claims he has never been to. A drunken Reynald will then hire the Hero of Kvatch to travel to Cheydinhal and tell the imposter that he can "besmirch his good name on his own, and to cease and desist immediately." He will pay fifty septims to cover expenses.

When the Hero arrives in Cheydinhal and asks around about whether or not they have seen Reynald Jemane, the townspeople will say that they do not know a Reynald Jemane, but there is a Guilbert Jemane living in the town. This man turns out to be Reynald's twin brother; the two were separated at birth when their home in the Great Forest, Weatherleah, was attacked by ogres. Guilbert and his father had assumed that his mother and brother had been killed, but in truth, she had been able to carry Reynald to safety before expiring from causes that are not stated.

Legacy LostEdit

Returning to Reynald with Guilbert will start the quest "Legacy Lost," in which the Hero must scout out Weatherleah, dispose of the ogres which inhabit it, and escort both brothers back to their ransacked childhood home.

Sins of the FatherEdit

After escorting the twins to Weatherleah, the Hero will be approached by Fathis Ules, who says that Albert, their father, was a thief and a member of the Thieves Guild. Ules will ask the Hero to retrieve an item that Albert stole (and subsequently lost to the ogres when Weatherleah was sacked) and never handed in. When confronted about this, Reynald will angrily deny Ules' claims.


  • "You can tell him...hic... you can tell him that I'm quite capable of besmirching my good name on my own, and should cease to desist immediately."


  • Both brothers are marked as essential. This makes them useful allies as they cannot die.
  • Reynald cannot be interacted with after the completion of "Separated at Birth"; he will always refer the Hero to his brother, saying that Guilbert should be able to help them. If his disposition drops too low, he may attack.
    • This bug can be fixed on the PC by using console commands.


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