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Vestige (Change to Player character's name),

If you’re reading this, I must be gone. Luckily, I foresaw this disaster. Seeing myself wrenched out of Nirn was distressing, but insightful. As the Dusk Lady often says, insight requires sacrifice

I took care to write down all the details of my visions. I pray this note will lead you to the other oracles. And to me.

In my first vision, I saw wide stone halls, hewn by Elden hands and lit by blue stones. Storm-beasts prowl these halls. There were witches also—wide-eyed and cackling. My research suggests this may be the ruin of Rubble Butte, in Bangkorai.

In my second vision, I felt a blast of cold air and heard the rattling of chains. A prison, patrolled by necromancers and their abominations. They toil in profane silence, excavating something. I believe this might be Faldar's Tooth, in the Rift.

Finally, I saw a Daedric temple, adrift in a sea of lava and ash. I fear this prison waits for me. The abbey’s books call it Mephala's Nest. You’ll find it in Stonefalls.

Seek out these dark places, retrieve the Void Keys hidden within, and use the Daedric Essence you collected to free us from Oblivion. We’re counting on you. Indeed, all of Tamriel may be counting on you.

Yours in Twilight,



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