"With you died our last hope for justice. Tharn is now free to do as he will. It saddens me to see the beautiful land of Tamriel rotting from within. Goodbye, (Player's name). I wish you peace in the afterworld..."
―Ria Silmane[src]

Ria Silmane player dead

Ria Silmane was the apprentice to Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn, before her death in 3E 389.


Ria Silmane's Death (Arena)

Jagar Tharn kills Ria Silmane.

When Jagar Tharn took control of the Empire in 3E 389, Ria Silmane tried to warn the Elder Council of his treachery. Before she could, however, Tharn used the Staff of Chaos and destroyed her corporeal form.[1]

Using her powers as a sorceress, she fought the pull of the afterlife and instead appeared to the Eternal Champion in the Imperial Dungeons as an incorporeal spirit. She would have gone to the Elder Council instead, but that would have taken far too much of her energy.[1]

She appeared to the Champion, and told them of Tharn's betrayal. Afterwards, she used magic to connect herself to Talin, so that she may appear in his dreams, and freed him from his cell, setting him free on his quest to obtain the eight shattered pieces of the Staff of Chaos.[2]

The more she used her powers after that, the shorter she could remain in the world,[2] so every encounter with the Champion, the messages became shorter and shorter.[1]

In 3E 399, the Eternal Champion finally obtained all 8 pieces of the Staff of Chaos and defeated Jagar Tharn in the Imperial Palace. Ria Silmane then let herself enter into the afterlife.[1]


  • It is written, and Silmane herself states that Silmane was executed by Tharn with the Staff of Chaos,[3] while in-game he is depicted as killing her with some sort of spell with his hand.



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