Riddle'Thar is Khajiiti god of the Two-Moons Dance, also known as the Sugar God.[1] He is more of a set of guidelines than a single entity. His avatars often appear as humble messengers of the gods.[1]

The truth of the Riddle'Thar is in every Khajiit's heart and soul. It grows there from the time when the Khajiit is still in its mother's womb. The Riddle'Thar's rules state that a true cat has to be curious so as to avoid Lorkhaj's machinations, clever to escape life's cruel maze, kind so as to make life liveable for others, pious to reach the Sands Behind the Stars and avoid Namiira and weary of the hateful eyes of Lorkhaj and Namiira. together, these virtues make up the Riddle'Thar.[2]

Riddle'Thar is a religious doctrine free of the rigid dogma found in other religions, like that of the Altmer or Bosmer. The Riddle'Thar neither kneels nor mumbles, but rather it dances and sings. Riddle'Thar's laws are the true path to the Sands Behind the Stars.[3]

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