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"Some call them the Falmer, claim they are related to the other elves[...] Some are intelligent enough to speak, but they speak only nonsense."
―A member of the Skaal[src]

The Rieklings are small creatures inhabiting the colder northern and northwestern regions of Solstheim.


They have blue skin and sharp teeth; they're very short. They are usually found in packs. One notable weapon used by Rieklings is the Riekling Spear, which appears to be the head of a wolf punctured by a long sharp pole.


The Skaal of Solstheim, believe the Rieklings to be descendants of the Falmer,[1] although the Skaal themselves do not affirm this with certainty.


They are commonly found in the whole northern half of Solstheim, except in the Skaal Village.


There are several unique Rieklings that can be encountered, either during quests or exploration:

Unique RieklingsEdit

Name ID Location
Dulk BM_riekling_Dulk_UNIQUE Castle Karstaag, Throne Room
Krish BM_riekling_Krish_UNIQU Castle Karstaag, Caverns of Karstaag
Riekling Boarmaster BM_riekling_boarmaster Frossel

Riekling RaidersEdit

The Riekling Raiders are known to use Tusked Bristlebacks as mounts, thus moving much faster, and dealing larger amounts of damage in battle.

Riekling Raider's attributesEdit

  • Damage: 8–35 points (melee)
  • Restore Health 1–5 points for 20 seconds
  • Soul: 150 (Greater)
  • ID: BM_riekling_mounted


The following is the list of all items that may be looted from a Riekling:



  • Technically, the Riekling Raiders are not two creatures: a Riekling + a Tusked Bristleback. They are only one creature.



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