King-Chief Edu
"Ever met a Rieker? I hate those sneaky little bastards …."

Riekrs are short, white-skinned humanoids found in the Wrothgar mountains of High Rock. They are a type of goblin, with whom they share a propensity for savagery. It is unclear what relation, if any, they have with the similarly named "Rieklings". They are known to regularly clash with the native Orsimer for territory and resources.


In the year 2E 583, a riekr calling himself King-Chief Edu possessed a powerful staff of Orcish make that he wielded with authority, leading the usually unorganized tribes to raid cargo shipments and kidnap travelers from Orsinium.[1]

Riekr social structure reveals a strange attitude toward magic and its practitioners – when one demonstrates a connection to magic, they are shunned by the tribe and must then flee into the wilderness or face certain death. After a period of exile, the Riekr mage buys his way back into the clan with an offering of food, such as freshly slain deer, bear, or echatere. After that, the mage is elevated into a revered member of the clan, suddenly gaining power and influence with the Riekr chief.[2]

Like other sub-species of goblin, they are known to tame durzogs which they use for hunting and as guards.



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