Riente was a Breton belonging to the Imperial Legion assigned to Water's Edge's garrison. He was under Captain Larsus' orders.[1]

Umbriel CrisisEdit

When Prince Attrebus arrived at Water's Edge, he visited Captain Larsus in the Imperial garrison. Riente met the Prince while he reported an incidence in the Little Orsinium Tavern. Attrebus remembered Riente's face, he had seen him before in the Imperial City. The Prince made an appointment with Larsus in The Gaping Frog tavern. While he waited for Larsus, he was attacked by four masked men. If it hadn't been for Lesspa, Attrebus wouldn't have defeated the attackers. Attrebus ordered the Khajiits to remove the masks of the attackers, and he distinguished Riente's face.

Attrebus suspected he was sent by Larsus, but when he returned to the garrison he found Larsus decapitated. Attrebus then understood that someone in the Imperial City wanted him dead. It is later revealed that minister Hierem plotted against the Emperor.



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